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Bill 168 Training
From introductory sessions to full training programs for supervisors and employees,
symmetries has the solution for you!

With experience working with over 150 companies in corporate and coaching roles, symmetries focuses on motivating employees and leaders to create a culture of engagement through wellness and leadership initiatives.

One of the unique aspects of symmetries is that we work with the organization to create and implement wellness, leadership and engagement strategies that increase retention, improve productivity and internal communication.

Organizational coaching includes topics such as:

  • Leadership– creating a value based, leadership team, specialized one on one coaching
  • Communication– opening communication within a company, clearing conflict between colleagues
  • Recruitment & Retention– creating the opportunity for companies to be the best place to work
  • Intergenerational Workforce– creating a culture of understanding between different generations
  • Engagement– aligning the company and employee

symmetries views leadership as the key to great workplace.  symmetries excels at training leadership teams and entire workplaces to take a leadership stance in their workplace.  symmetries offers a full compliment of dynamic workshops, lunch and learns and training.  Topics are developed for the needs of the participants and workplace and can include:

  • Moving to WOW in the Workplace!
  • Creating a Vision
  • Team Building
  • Self care
  • Bringing Balance to Life
  • Parenting in a Busy World

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