balance for life

With over a decade of experience in coaching individuals, symmetries has learned how to effectively assist clients in creating the life they want. Life coaching with a coach from symmetries can cover:

  • Career– setting goals, improving leadership skills, starting and building a business
  • Personal Growth– letting go of your limiting beliefs, building self-trust, living your passion
  • Health and Wellbeing– increasing personal health, achieving performance goals, developing a positive self image
  • Relationships– building positive personal relationships, managing conflicts, separation and divorce, family dynamics

Personal Coaching is done both individually and in groups. symmetries offers Individual Coaching through one on one sessions by phone, via the internet or face to face.

Group Coaching sessions are offered by teleconference and in person. Groups cover a variety of topics: Live your Best Life, Coaching for Everyone and Manifesting Your Dreams. Email to find out more and upcoming dates.

We’d love to hear from you so please feel free to contact us!