Every employer needs a little ESP!

symmetries Employer Support Program (ESP) is a suite of services which is designed to help employers build better companies, from the inside out.  Most companies don’t know how to effectively support employees when personal issues are affecting the workplace.  And with the changes to the Occupational Health and Safety Act, there is an even greater expectation for employers to provide support to their employees.

Depending on your needs, ESP utilizes the following services to address such workplace issues as managing stress, change management, time management, harassment, absenteeism, violence, managing employee benefit drug costs, and monitoring employee satisfaction.

  • leadership coaching
  • team building
  • policy training
  • referrals to counselling and other support
  • support for victims of workplace violence and harassment
  • trauma response
  • workshops and lunch ‘n learns
  • workplace mediation
  • wellness consulting

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