Michelle MacIntosh, MSW, has a gift for inspiring people. Michelle helps individuals, leaders, businesses and groups create solutions for their lives. Her passion is assisting people in creating the lives they have been dreaming about. Michelle’s clients agree that her passion and expertise have helped them to create opportunities in their lives.

“Michelle’s energy and direct style is fresh and inspirational!”

Michelle’s career highlights include:

  • working as Vice President of Corporate Services for Baylis & Associates
  • developing and facilitating corporate programs focusing on leadership, wellness and personal responsibility
  • teaching managerial communication courses at the University level
  • delivering workshops and keynote addresses at professional conferences across Canada
  • co-authoring the parenting workbook, The Art of Joyful Parenting

Michelle’s personal philosophy of life can be summarized easily …
“Life is created from within. It is through inner peace and inspiration that full lives are realized.”

John Dunn has a burning desire to continually find new ways to utilize “all things techy” in a balanced, logical manner. John has extensive, hands on experience creating and managing websites, blogs and wikis and has worked with a wide variety of staff and professionals in team settings. His insightful, progressive style allows people to learn in a safe and comfortable environment. His innovation and creativity opens perspective in a gentle yet focused way, helping others to see situations through new and manageable perspectives.

“John’s engaging style helped move our company forward”

John’s career highlights include:

  • over 20 years experience in health care and academia
  • developing and leading Web 2.0 technology projects
  • speaking at professional conferences in Ontario
  • lifelong learning in management strategies and applications

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